Pool Table Movers Melbourne

The best Pool Table Movers in Melbourne

Pool Table Movers Melbourne
Pool Table Movers Melbourne

Pryco Removalists have years of experience in moving pool tables and other moving services. Since our inception, we have moved several thousands of pool tables, including many famous brands. Years of experience, strong expertise, and a fabulous team of highly-trained pool table movers have helped us build an disered reputation for giving best pool table moving service at the most affordable price.

We provide a range of pool table moving services, including the following:

  • Pool table removals
  • Moving pool tables from one residential location to another
  • Moving pool tables from residential location to storage
  • Moving pool tables for repair

Moving a pool table is not an easy job, but you can count us to expertly handle your much-loved possession. There are so many things that should be considered and planned for before the actual move. Moreover, no two pool moving job is exactly the same. You need excellent pool table movers to ensure there’s no damage to your pool table when it is being moved from one place to another.

Years of Experience As pool table movers

Pool Table Movers Melbourne
Pool Table Movers Melbourne

With years of experience under our belt, we are among the most recommended pool table removers in Melbourne. We take the guesswork and anxiety out of pool table moving, irrespective of the size of your pool table, the floor you live in, and the distance your pool table must travel to reach the new destination.

A pool table is not a light item. Therefore, personnel handling them should be super-fit and strong. Additionally, even with the best of planning, sometimes decisions have to be made impromptu, and this is where experience comes in.

Our pool table moving team not only is extremely strong and fit, but they also have several years of experience of moving pool tables. They can make quick decisions if the situation demands it.

In short, if you want peace of mind, get in touch with the Melbourne’s premium pool moving company: Pryco Removalists.

Expert and Professional pool table removals

Pool Table Movers Melbourne
Pool Table Movers Melbourne

If you are looking for a team of highly-experienced, strong, careful, and professional pool table removals, you don’t need to look any further than Pryco Removalists. We have the experience, expertise, manpower, and specialized equipment to safely and securely transfer your pool table from one destination to another.

As you would know, pool tables require professional handling when you are relocating. A full-size pool table can weigh about 1000 kg. When moving a pool table, it is necessary to follow all set rules and regulations, have strong men in your team, and specialized equipment and a suitable vehicle. Given how heavy a pool table can be, a serious injury can easily occur if there’s even slightest of negligence while handling it.

Therefore, you have a pool table removal need, what you need is a professional, strong, and trained pool table removals. Pryco Removalists bring all these qualities to the table. Add to this, our years of experience of moving pool tables of all kinds, including many of the top brands, you have a team that’s best suited to handle your much-loved possession. Our team has done it all and seen it all. So no job is too tough to handle or no situation is too tricky to resolve for them.

We can dismantle your pool table just prior to the move or a few weeks before you move out of your current location. Upon reaching the new destination, our expert pool table removals will also quickly and effectively reassemble your pool table.

Whether you are relocating in Melbourne itself or in some other state, you can count on Pryco Removalists to take excellent care of your pool table and relocate it with excellent care.

What's best in Pryco Removalists Pool Table Removals

Pool Table Movers Melbourne
Pool Table Movers Melbourne

Here’s the thing: If you have a pool table removal need, you can either go for an average removal service and risk damage to your prized pool table or rope in the best trained pool table movers in the business and enjoy complete peace of mind.

If you want the latter—which we think you would, given how much you love your pool table—you must pick a top-ranking pool table mover like Pryco pool table movers.

What separate us from those run-of-the-mill removal services that promise much and deliver less is our years of experience of moving pool tables, an excellent team of strong, motivated, and professional removalists, great customer service, and, of course, unbeatable price.

We offer other benefits as well, like quick service, free price quote, fixed rate (no hourly rate, and no hidden charges. With that said, the biggest quality that endears us to our customers is our readiness to walk the extra mile to keep them happy and satisfied.

We give equal importance to every job and approach it with total focus, dedication and planning. If you have a pool removal need, we have the solution. Contact us!

Pryco Removalist's pool table movers Process.

Pool Table Movers Melbourne
Pool Table Movers Melbourne

Here’s the step-by-step description of our pool table removal moving process:

Step 1 – Quoting

So, you’ve decided to move another location and need a quote for your moving needs. Contact us over phone to discuss your requirements or fill the form online. We’ll quantify your needs and provide you with an exact quote.

Step 2 – Packing

You can count on us to do all the packing for you in an efficient and professional manner.

Step 3 – Removal

Once your pool table is packed, it’s time to remove it. We will send a suitable removal vehicle to your location and load the pool table safely and securely into the vehicle.

Step 4 – Transport

We’ll move your pool table from the initial location to a new location.

Step 5 – Delivery

Upon reaching the destination, we will unload your pool table and safely and securely place it in the correct room.

Step 6 – Review

Once your pool table has been moved, we would like very much to know from you about your experience with us. We will request you to fill a performance review form where you can rate our services and provide us with constructive feedback.

Pool Table Movers Melbourne
Pool Table Movers Melbourne

Customer Reviews

Amazing job!

I am very impressed by Pryco’s moving service. They are the best moving company that I have come across till date. I loved the way they took care of all my belongings and furniture, especially my Pool Table. They wrapped and packed it superbly to make sure nothing happens to it during transit. Keep up the good work guys!
- Michelle

Fully Recommended!

I am super impressed by the moving and packing team of Pryco Removalists. They did a remarkable job when we were moving last week. I liked the way they handled my Pool Table. Their rates are quite less in comparison to other moving and packing companies. I would be more than happy to recommend their services to my friends and colleagues.
- Gavin

Best Pooltable movers!

Pryco Removalists did an amazing job when we were shifting our pooltable. Their packing techniques were absolutely unique and they took very little time to pack all my stuff. They took utmost care while packing my beloved Pool Table and moved it very gently. Very efficient team. Loved their work! I would fully recommend them to everyone I know.
- Debbie

Very happy!

I took the help of these professional to move my pool table from one place to another. I am extremely happy about choosing them as they were not only very professional about the whole move but they made sure that we felt comfortable throughout the whole process. I highly recommend their services for safe packing and moving of any kind.
- Mel


While looking for a professional mover and packer company, I came across them and could not have been happier. They were able to provide me with top notch services at very affordable rates. Their experts helped me to move my pool table from one unit to another, without a single scratch or dent. I highly recommend them for any kind of moving.
- JD

Highly recommended for moving Pool table

I used their services to get my pool table packed and moved from gumtree seller to my house after a friend recommended them. I am very happy to say that their friendly professional team was able to do the job very efficiently. It all worked on phone.
- Mark
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